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Monday – Friday 11-4

Hello there!

Welcome back to Milk and Honey Farm Kitchen!  It has certainly been a little while and I have definitely been missing cooking for you all–and really the whole ambiance of being in our busy little local spot.  Thank you to all customers and patrons who have helped us to grown our small business over the past three years.

I have personally been in the restaurant industry for coming 15 years now and the past few weeks and months have been very uncertain. I still wonder how exactly restaurants will fully operate, function and exist in our future.  I do not know exactly what the answers are but I know that I definitely want to be involved in the future feeding people REAL FOOD–The kind of food that I have to set out to serve at Milk and Honey since its inception.  The kind of food that is time tested and has kept us and our ancestors strong, vital, happy and healthy.  Traditional soups, stews, stocks and bouillons, fermented foods, raw salads and juices, culinary and medicinal herbs when acquired locally and made fresh with love are all the foundations of true nourishment.

We are excited to be “re-opening” this week, with our focus being primarily on take-out, call in, TO GO concept.  We feel very fortunate to be a “couter-service” restaurant and hope to even further refine that concept in the coming weeks.  We already use compostable take-out containers and silverware, recycled brown napkins, etc.  Our sanitation protocols (wearing/regular change out of gloves, disinfecting counters/euip., etc.) are definitely very important and we will be continuing to refine those in the coming weeks as well.  Also, we are a very small kitchen operation and I will personally be driving ship, doing what I love, cooking, preparing and packing the majority of the food! Yay

We truly invite you all to give us a call or order online and come by the Cafe for a salad, sandwich, soup, bowl, burger, smoothie, or juice!

Au santé (to health)

Chef Chris Holden






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Our Sources

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